Cerenkov effect

Cerenkov effect
эффект Черенкова (Черенкова — Вавилова)

English-russian astronautics dictionary. - M.: Military Publishing house. . 1964.

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  • Cerenkov effect — or Cerenkov radiation, visible radiation produced when electrons or other charged particles pass through a transparent solid or liquid medium faster than the speed of light in the same medium. The blue glow seen in the water of a nuclear reactor… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cerenkov effect — noun /tʃɛˈɹɛŋkəf ɛˈfɛkt/ The emission of light (Cerenkov radiation) that occurs when a charged particle passes through an insulator at a speed greater than the speed of light in that medium; the characteristic blue glow from a nuclear reactor …   Wiktionary

  • Reverse Cerenkov effect — Reverse Cerenkov effectReverse Cerenkov effect can be experienced using some special kind of materials called metamaterials (materials having negative permittivity and negative permeabilty). This means, when a charged particle (usually electrons) …   Wikipedia

  • Cerenkov — (Cherenkov) Pavel A., Russian physicist and Nobel laureate, *1904. See C. radiation. * * * Ce·ren·kov also Che·ren·kov chər (y)eŋ kəf adj 1) of, relating to, or being Cerenkov radiation or the process that produces such radiation <the Cerenkov …   Medical dictionary

  • Cerenkov radiation — noun light emitted by the Cerenkov effect …   Wiktionary

  • Čerenkov radiation — (also spelled Cerenkov or Cherenkov) is electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle (such as an electron) passes through an insulator at a speed greater than the speed of light in that medium. The characteristic blue glow of nuclear …   Wikipedia

  • Cherenkov effect — or Cherenkov radiation, = Cerenkov effect. (Cf. ↑Cerenkov effect) …   Useful english dictionary

  • Askaryan effect — The Askaryan effect describes a phenomenon, similar to the Cerenkov effect, whereby a particle travelling faster than the speed of light in a dense radiotransparent medium such as salt, ice or the lunar regolith produces a shower of secondary… …   Wikipedia

  • Cerenkovradiation — Cerenkov radiation also Cherenkov radiation n. Light emitted in the Cerenkov effect. * * * …   Universalium

  • Ce|ren|kov counter — «chuh REHN kf», a device for detecting and counting the particles in the Cerenkov effect, used especially to study the behavior of high energy particles, such as cosmic rays and atomic particles. Also, Cherenkov counter or detector. ╂[< P. A.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • List of effects — This is a list of names for observable phenonema that contain the word effect, amplified by reference(s) to their respective fields of study. #*3D audio effect (audio effects)A*Accelerator effect (economics) *Accordion effect (physics) (waves)… …   Wikipedia

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